How to Repair a Silicone Door Gasket in a Washing Machine


Many front-loading washing machines have silicone door gaskets or seals that prevent soap and water from spilling from a washer’s door when the machine is in use. Over time with normal use of your washer, the gasket can deteriorate and pull away from the drum, causing the washer to leak. Although you can repair a gasket, depending on its condition, it may have to be replaced.

Silicone Door Gasket

  • The rubber silicone door gasket is a relatively flat band that fits around the drum’s outer edge and creates a water-tight barrier between the drum and door when the door is closed. As a gasket weakens, it peels away from the drum. The gasket may bubble in certain areas or its edges may appear raised. Once the gasket wears away from the drum, water and soap can leak from the door. Eventually, the component can fall off completely if it’s not repaired.

Repair or Replace

  • As long as the silicone door gasket is intact, you can repair it by reattaching it to your washer. If the wire and tensioner spring inside the gasket are exposed or missing, you need to replace the current gasket with a new one. If the gasket is separated into two or more pieces, replace it, as a severed gasket can’t be repaired.


  • Disconnect the washing machine’s power supply. With a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the screws on the rear of the washer that secure the top panel in place and lift it off. Remove the soap dispenser and the screw behind it. Unclip the control panel’s clip that attaches it to the washer and remove the control panel. Open the washer’s door and find the thin metal cable that goes around the door’s interior frame. Use needle-nose pliers to pull it away from the frame. Unscrew the three door switch screws on the cabinet frame. Unscrew the screws that hold the washer’s bottom bulkhead panel on and remove the panel. Remove the gasket clamp, which you’ll find at the bottom of the drum. Attach the gasket to the clamp and position the gasket so it goes completely around the drum so that the entire drum lip is completely covered. Reassemble your washer.


  • If the existing silicone door gasket is broken beyond repair, obtain a new one to replace the old gasket. Review your washing machine manual for the model number and year to ensure you order a replacement gasket that fits your washer. Contact the washer’s manufacturer to order a new gasket or purchase one from an appliance part manufacturer. In some cases, the new gasket includes instructions on how to replace it. If the part you ordered didn’t arrive with installation instructions, contact the washer’s manufacturer to request them, as washer disassembly can vary slightly by washer type.

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