Tools to Make a Sunburst Drywall Texture


Drywall mud is a versatile finish material that can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it to create drywall texture such as the sunburst pattern. Although the overall process is somewhat time consuming and requires some physical labor, it is a simple and straightforward procedure that requires a few tools that you can find in any home-improvement store.

Paint Roller

  • A common paint roller with a long handle is one of the most important tools when you're creating a sunburst drywall texture, because it allows you to apply large quantities of mud to the wall or ceiling. Although it is a messy process, it is effective, and an adjustable-length handle is preferred so that you can adapt your paint roller to any height of wall or ceiling.

Texture Brush

  • The texture brush allows you to create your sunburst patterns once the mud has been applied to the wall. You can purchase a variety of sizes and types of brushes, but the overall principle is the same, regardless of the type of brush you use. The brush is pressed quickly and directly into the mud that has been rolled onto the wall. The process is repeated, with the brush creating the sunburst streaks as it is pushed against the drywall. The expanding bristles push the mud outward from a center point.

Drywall Sprayer

  • A hopper, or drywall sprayer, is another way to apply the mud directly to a wall or ceiling. Although it is more costly than using a paint roller, it is also a quicker method of getting the mud onto the installation. This makes it ideal for commercial projects or areas where you need to work as quickly as possible to finish the area. However, it takes considerably more time to set up. Equipment cleanup is also more time-consuming.

Flat Metal Trowel

  • Smaller areas can benefit from a simple flat metal trowel to apply the mud. You simply scoop the mud directly out of the container and onto the surface with the metal trowel and then push it around until you have a relatively flat and smooth layer of drywall. After that you can press your brush into the mud to spread it outward for your sunburst pattern.

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