My Whirlpool Freezer Door Has No Suction


Your Whirlpool freezer, freestanding or not, can't work without a properly closed door. It can’t maintain the right temperature if you're unable to close the door. In fact, if your freezer isn’t cooling properly or the motor is running overtime, your use and care manual will suggest that you keep the door tightly closed or avoid opening it often throughout the day. If the gaskets that keep your freezer door closed and airtight aren’t working, you can try cleaning them or replacing them to get your unit working again.

Purpose of Gaskets

  • Gaskets are rubber casings around your freezer door that make the unit airtight. That suction you feel as you open the freezer door is from the gaskets around the door. As the unit ages, the gaskets can get dirty, sticky or old, which can lead to loss of suction in the door. Other symptoms may be warmer temperatures from your unit or increased electricity bills associated with your unit’s motor working overtime to maintain temperatures.

Cleaning the Gaskets

  • If you’re experiencing suction loss on your freezer door, consider cleaning the gaskets before replacing them. Open the freezer door and use a sponge or soft cloth soaked in mild detergent to clean the gaskets. Make sure to get into the folds of the gaskets as you clean. Dry off any excess water or soap from the gaskets and wait 24 hours. If the gaskets are still not creating suction for your Whirlpool freezer door, you should replace them.

Replacement Gaskets

  • Order the replacement gasket for your specific Whirlpool freezer model from Whirlpool customer service. You may also order from local sources, such as hardware stores or home supply warehouses, but do so with caution and verify that it’s the exact same part you would receive from Whirlpool. If your replacement gasket is bent or kinked from shipping, use a hairdryer or clothes dryer on a low heat setting to warm up the rubber slightly. Once the gasket heats up, it will lie correctly against the inside of the door.

Replacing the Gaskets

  • Remember that if you have a warranty on your freezer, only certified Whirlpool repair technicians can work on it. Call Whirlpool customer service (1-866-698-2538) for information on certified technicians near you. If you don’t have a warranty, you’re free to work on the unit yourself. Installation instructions can vary by model but generally you removed the screws holding the gasket in place. There may be several in place lining the edges of the door. Once you get the old gasket off, you can put the new one in place.

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