Rain Leaks in a Tile Floor

Tile floors in a basement or the first floor of a house are a common point of entry for water. Tile grout in particular is more porous than tile, allowing water to seep into a house from the soil. Flooding caused by rain can lead to extensive damage in your house, including mold growth, unless you take steps to keep the rainwater out and directed away from the house.

  1. Water Table

    • The water table is the level of the ground water, which can change depending on the amount of recent precipitation. After higher-than-normal rainfall, the water table in the ground around your house rises; if it reaches the level of your basement floor, you may see water seep up through your tile floor. Sometimes even when the water table does not rise to the level of your basement floor, rainwater flows through the ground and comes through the house’s foundation, flowing up through the tile floor.

    Sealing Cracks

    • Since rainwater flows through the ground and inevitably comes into contact with your house’s foundation, you need to seal any foundation cracks to keep the water out of your house. House foundations crack as the dirt under the house settles unevenly from factors such as erosion and the decomposition of organic material. A foundation repair contractor can inject sealant into the cracks to keep groundwater from entering your basement through the foundation.

    Flood Management

    • You can install a flood management system in or under your house’s foundation to prevent future flooding. Devices such as sump pumps, French drains, floor drains, curtain drains and interior channels capture the water that flows into your house, either from foundation cracks or from below the floor, directing the water away from the house. The particular device you should use depends on the general water table level in your area and the amount of money you wish to spend on the solution.

    Roof Drainage

    • When it rains, the rainwater that flows off your roof can lead to water flowing into your basement though the tile floor. If your home's rain gutters are full of debris like dead leaves, or if the downspouts are clogged, water may spill out over the rain gutters and soak the ground around the house’s foundation. Also, if the downspouts terminate right next to the house, the water flowing off the roof can saturate the ground around the foundation. Extensions on the downspouts solve this problem, directing the water a safe distance from the house.

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