Firewall Setting for TVersity


TVersity functions as a media server, providing a Web-based media library interface. However, a firewall can block incoming connections and prevent access to TVersity. To prevent this, you can set your firewall to allow access to TVersity. By default, TVersity only allows access from devices on the local network, but you can also enable remote access and adjust your router’s firewall settings to allow access over the Internet.

Windows Firewall

  • To configure a Windows Firewall to allow access to TVersity, click “Start,” type “Firewall” in the search box and click the resulting “Windows Firewall” link. Click “Allow a Program or Feature Through Windows Firewall” at the left side of the window, then click “Change Settings.” Scroll down the list of applications, locate “TVersity Media Server” and ensure that the check boxes to the left of "TVersity" are checked. If you don’t see TVersity in the list, click “Allow Another Program” and add the TVersity executable at “C:\Program Files\TVersity\Media Server\Media Server.exe.” Look in “Program Files (x86)” if you’re using a 64-bit version of Windows.

Other Firewalls

  • To allow TVersity through other firewalls, open your firewall program’s settings, find its list of allowed programs and add the “Media Server.exe” program located in “C:\Program Files\TVersity\Media Server\” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\TVersity\Media Server.” Allow incoming connections on port 41952 if your firewall requires you to specify a port.

Enabling Remote Access

  • Remote access to TVersity is disabled by default, so you can’t connect from the Internet even if you allow access to TVersity through your router and firewall. To connect to TVersity over the Internet, click “Settings” in the TVersity window on your computer, click the “General” icon and click the “The media server should accept requests originating from outside the home network” check box. Type a username and password -- you’ll need these to connect remotely -- into the boxes that appear, then click “Save.”

Router Configuration

  • After enabling remote access, you can forward port 41952 to the computer running TVersity to access it over the Internet. Access your router’s Web interface, sign in and locate the “Virtual Server” or “Port Forwarding” page, then add a rule that forwards port 41952 to the local computer running TVersity. Consult your router’s documentation for more information on accessing its Web interface.

Connecting to TVersity

  • Connect to TVersity from other devices on the network by accessing the address “[IP Address]:41952” in a Web browser, where “[IP Address]” is the local IP address of the computer running TVersity. If you’ve enabled remote access, you can connect over the Internet by using your Internet IP address instead of your computer’s local IP address. You can find your Internet IP address on your router’s status page.

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