The Lights Won't Turn on on My Craftsman Garage Door Opener When Walking Into the Garage


The Craftsman garage door opener is an overhead, motorized unit that controls the automatic opening and closing of your garage door. The overhead assembly includes a light that should automatically turn on when you enter the garage and operate the door. This light may fail to respond appropriately for a couple common reasons related to the remote door opener and the contacts within the overhead opener assembly. You can troubleshoot and fix these problems regardless of your Craftsman garage door repair experience level.

Remote Opener Reboot

  • Remove the power cord connecting the remote garage door opener unit to the power outlet. Wait 30 seconds, then plug this power cord back into the power outlet. Test the light and see if it works properly. A reboot of this unit is sometimes all that is required to fix the light.

Preparation for Overhead Assembly Repair

  • Kill the power to the garage door opener via the removal of its power cord before attempting any further troubleshooting. Position a step ladder under the overhead garage door assembly. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws holding the assembly's outer cover in place. Set aside the cover and save the screws for reassembly.

Light Bulb Replacement

  • Unscrew the light bulb now that you have access after removing the cover. Screw in a new light bulb, then reinsert the garage door opener's power cord to check if it fixed the problem. Disconnect the power cord once more if the light bulb was not the issue.

Overhead Assembly Contact Cleaning

  • Use a cloth and electrical contact cleaner to gently clean the visible points, switches and connections on the exposed overhead assembly, including the metal component at the socket's base. This will improve metal conductivity and ensure the light begins to operate properly once more.


  • Place the Craftsman garage assembly's cover back into place and secure it using its previously removed screws. Tighten the screws into place with your Phillips screwdriver. Plug the assembly's power cord back into the power outlet, then press the "Door open" button on the remote garage opening unit to reactivate the door.

Premium Console Feature

  • If your garage door opener has a Premium Control Console, it may have been programmed so that the device's light won't turn on when you walk into the garage. See if the light turns on when you open the garage door with a remote. If so, then press and hold the light button for 10 seconds using the console. The light will go off and then come back on. The walk-in sensor should then be engaged.

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