Helicopter Crafts for Preschoolers

Preschool-aged students are often fascinated by all things transportation related. This includes cars, trains, boats, planes and helicopters. Helicopter-themed crafts are a terrific way to introduce difficult concepts such as gravity to youngsters in a playful atmosphere. You will need butcher paper, pens, finger paint, crayons and glue sticks. Crafts should be demonstrated and completed with adult supervision at all times.

  1. Helicopter Assembly

    • Prepare for the activity by cutting out the main parts of a helicopter. Be sure to cut out a rotor, windshield, doors and tail. Place a large sheet of butcher paper on the floor. Give each student a "part" of the helicopter and have them figure out where to place each piece. When the students are correct, help them glue down that part of the helicopter. Keep the game going until the whole helicopter is assembled.

    Rotating Rotors

    • For children ages 3 and older, this craft idea suggests that you make paper helicopters with a rotating rotor. Make a template for an overhead view of the body of the helicopter out of construction paper. Give each student a cut-out of a helicopter and have them color and customize their helicopter with an assortment of crayons and pens. Cut out the rotors for each child, which will resemble large plus signs. Help the children center the rotors on top of their helicopter and then fasten the rotors using brass fasteners. This will allow each child to spin the rotor -- just like a real helicopter.

    Finger Painting

    • Print out various photos of helicopters or cut photos out of magazines for inspiration. Provide the students with fingerpaint and sheets of paper. Ask the students to paint their own helicopters using one of the photos as a rough guideline. When the helicopter is complete, help the students create an appropriate background, such as a blue sky where the helicopter can fly.

    Helicopter Tail

    • This activity is a variation on the classic game "pin the tail on the donkey." Adhere double-sided tape to helicopter tail rotors. Tape a large helicopter printout on the blackboard. Blindfold each student one by one and have them try to stick the tail rotor on the appropriate place on the helicopter.

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