Dog Theme Bib Craft

Your baby loves your family dog. Your baby needs to stay dry and clean. What better way to combine the two than by creating dog themed bibs? Whether it's painting, stenciling or appliques, there are many different ways to use a few simple craft techniques to create bib patterns for your baby. Once you master making these simple dog-themed crafts, you can even make a few for your dog-loving friends with babies, too.

  1. Baby-Safe Craft Materials

    • The baby bibs to buy for these crafts are white, woven fabric made of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester. They can be painted, printed, appliqued or even cross-stitched. Because these bibs might end up in your baby’s mouth, purchase only nontoxic paints or inks to create your designs. Also avoid anything that your baby might suck off the surface of the bib, so cute little plastic googly eyes, pompoms or buttons should be avoided.

    Fabric-Painted Paw Prints

    • For this craft, use a blank white baby bib with a flat woven surface. Purchase a wooden paw print stamp and an ink pad. Paw print stamps are available in many different styles and sizes, so decide whether you want just a few paw prints on your baby’s bib or whether you want to design a pattern or trail. Use your stamp and ink to create the basic design and fill it in with fabric paint. Use colorful paint or puffy paint to make your bib craft a little bit more fun.

    Make a Stencil

    • If you have a computer with a printer, making a stencil is simple. Simply load your printer with plain white sticker paper and print a simple clip art graphic, such as those provided in the Resources section, to it. You can use a photo of your own dog, but the less detail, the better. Use a craft knife to cut the graphic from the paper. Remove the backing from the paper and stick it to the bib over the location where you want to paint. Place the bib on a surface that will not stain if the paint or ink bleeds through. Use nontoxic permanent markers or fabric paint to fill in the stencil. Let dry.

    Dog-Themed Appliques

    • Once again, you’ll want to print out a pattern or sketch one freehand -- bones are simple to draw, for example -- but this time you can use a sheet of plain paper. Cut out the shape of your image and trace it onto a piece of fusible interfacing. Iron the fusible interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric you wish to use (the “right” side being the one that shows the print the best, the darkest color or the fabric pile). When it is completely attached and has cooled, cut the applique shape from the pattern. Sew the applique to your baby’s bib using a needle and thread or sewing machine.

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