Why Does My Wii Cursor Shake?


A shaky Nintendo Wii cursor can make it difficult to play games, select apps and perform a variety of other functions on the Wii console. A Wii cursor can become shaky for a variety of reasons. More often than not, a shaky cursor is not the result of a hardware or software malfunction, but rather something that the user can correct.

Interfering Objects

  • Remove objects from around the Wii Sensor Bar, Wii Remote and Wii console. This can include furniture, other electronic devices, people and a number of other things. When objects are blocking one of these items, the Wii cursor starts shaking because it is unable to make a clear connection and know exactly where it should be on screen.

Wii Sensor Bar Proximity

  • If you are standing too far away from the Wii Sensor Bar and attempting to use the Wii Remote, the cursor on the screen starts to shake because the connection is not strong. Ideally, you should stand between three and 10 feet away from the Wii Sensor Bar when using the Wii Remote.


  • Remove the Wii Sensor Bar, Wii console and Wii Remote from areas where they are exposed to bright light. While any of these individual devices are exposed to bright light, the light interferes with the signal transmission and prevents the devices from communicating the signal effectively to each other, causing the cursor on the screen to become shaky.

Wii Sensor Bar Sensitivity

  • Failure to properly set the Wii Sensor Bar sensitivity can also result in a shaky cursor. Reset the Wii Sensor Bar sensitivity settings by selecting the "Wrench" icon on the Wii home screen. Select "Sensor Bar," and then select "Sensitivity." You will see two blinking dots on the center of the screen. Position yourself in the location where you plan to be most when using the Wii Remote. Press the "+" and "-" buttons on the Wii Remote until the two dots are blinking at the same time, and then press "A." Select "Confirm" to save your changes.

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