What Hairstyle Is Best for Going to a Dance?

What Hairstyle Is Best for Going to a Dance? thumbnail
Create party hair with a curling iron.

Middle and high school years are filled with social events and dances. Teen girls often spend hours upon hours primping and planning. When considering what hairstyle is best for going to a dance, take into account the type of dance, your hair length and texture. Feel confident and stylish at this special event.

  1. Half Up-Do

    • A half up-do hairstyle works well for both formal and less-formal dances. In order to sport this look, your hair should at least shoulder-length. A half up-do involves pulling up the front section of your hair, the hair in front of your ears, and pinning it at the crown of the head. Secure it with sparkly clips or even a silk orchid.

    Side French Twist

    • A side French twist is a sleek hairstyle for a formal prom. Tease the hair at the crown of your head and spray with hairspray to keep it fairly stiff. Sweep the length of your hair over to the side, twist it and pin it into a French twist. Keep it shiny throughout the dance by spritzing it with shine spray.

    Retro Waves

    • Create an elegant, vintage hairstyle if you have shorter hair. Use a curling iron or hot rollers to make cascading waves that frame your face. Add a delicate rhinestone clip to pull one side of the hair back. This is a look reminiscent of the 1940s, yet is age-appropriate.

    Braid with Ponytail

    • Try a front braid paired with a long ponytail. This is suitable for a less-formal dance. Separate the front section of hair, including your bangs, and braid it down the side. Pull the hair back and put in a loose ponytail. Use a curling iron on the ponytail to make large, bouncy curls.

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