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Color a picture of Cupid shooting his arrow and glue it onto a large heart background.

Cupid, seen as a mischievous young child with wings like an angel and often holding a bow, has represented romantic love for hundreds of years. The origin of Cupid stretches back to Greek and Roman days. Cupid’s arrows pierce hearts with love. Cupid bow and arrow crafts can be created for fun, for Valentine’s Day decorations or as part of learning Greek and Roman legends.

  1. Paper

    • For younger children, download an outline of Cupid holding his bow and arrows. Let the children color the picture with crayons. Let them use pink, red and white heart stickers to create a frame around the picture. Turn the picture into stained glass. Instead of framing the picture with stickers, alternate bands of crayon colors around the edges. Lay the crayon colored picture on several layers of paper towels. Use baby oil and cotton balls to soak the picture. Blot dry. Punch holes along the top. Thread yarn through the holes to make a tie and hang in a window to catch the sunlight.

    Cardboard and Tubes

    • Use paper towel or toilet tissue tubes for this craft. Cut paper towel tubes into 6- to 8-inch segments. Create, out of card stock, a Cupid face larger than the diameter of the tube. Cut out and color with crayons, markers or paint. To the back, glue a craft stick to fit into the top of the tube. Use construction paper to create a costume for Cupid around the tube. Make wings, and bow and arrow from pipe cleaners. Glue wings to the back, and the bow and arrow to the front, of the Cupid tube. For a cardboard craft, cut a bow 10 inches long out of sturdy cardboard. Cut three more bows using the first as a template. Glue the bows together. Punch holes through the bow ends and add elastic for the string. Create an arrow the same way you created the bow, with layered cardboard. To the top of the bow, glue on a picture of Cupid.


    • You can even create Cupid’s bow and arrow from plastic. Cut a curved bow design from a plastic lid. Punch small holes in either end. Spray-paint white. Tie white string through the holes for the bow string. Cut arrows from plastic lids as well. These arrows don’t really shoot, but you can make a series of them to create a frame for a Cupid mural or bulletin board.


    • Go on a nature walk. If this is a school project, take the students on a nature walk where there are lots of trees. Look for bow-style curved branches 1/2-inch thick and at least 10 to 14 inches long. Scrub with hot water and let dry. You can leave the outer coating on or cut or sandpaper it off to reveal the smooth wood beneath. Paint the wood red or white. Tie elastic cord around each end, pulling it taut for a bow string. Create a different type of wooden Cupid bow from a craft stick. Cut a 1/4-inch slit in either end of the craft stick bow. Make a couple of arrows by splitting a craft stick in two and sanding one end into a point. Add feathers to the other end. Paint bow and arrows pink, red or white. String a rubber band around the bow craft stick to fit into the slits.

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