Different Ways to Tie Off a Floss Friendship Bracelet


A friend is someone to be cherished and appreciated. Crafting a friendship bracelet from embroidery floss is a way to show your appreciation with an added personal touch. You’ve gathered your friend’s favorite colors together and are ready to begin, but don't forget to pick out a way to tie off the bracelet when you're finished.


  • Both ends of the bracelet are braided to the correct length with a small knot at each end, then tied together around the wrist in a square knot. This is the best option for when the bracelet is to be worn continuously; otherwise, the knot will be either too tight to untie and remove, or too loose to stay tied for long, requiring your friend to continuously tighten the knot.


  • A fancier option employs a solid-faced button with a single loop backing, or shank, tied to one end of the bracelet. The other end forms a macrame loop, and the button slides through the loop to fasten the bracelet together. An alternate method is tying a large, colorful bead to the end, instead of the button. Be sure to find a bead with a hole large enough to accommodate the strands of floss.


  • This technique uses two sliding knots tied one over the other near the ends of the bracelet. It allows the dual function of securing the bracelet together while leaving enough room to slip the hand in and out. The bracelet is tightened around the wrist by sliding the knots away from each other, and loosened for easy removal by sliding the knots closer together. There’s no need to worry about sizing the bracelet properly, since the knots will slide around the entire bracelet if need be, making it fully adjustable.


  • The complicated buckle closure creates an interesting effect, and it works best on a wider, strap-like friendship bracelet. One end of your bracelet forms a loop, while the other contains a similar loop, followed by a macrame strap section that ends in a large knot. The knot end is then passed through the loop on the loop end, wound back underneath itself and pushed up through the loop that begins the strap/knot end.

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