Shaving Cream Activities for Kids


Shaving cream is a simple and inexpensive material that can be used in a variety of fun activities for kids. Children can practice their fine motor skills and make individual artwork with the foam. The foam can make bath time more enjoyable and it can be used for imaginative play.

Letters and Numbers

  • Preschoolers and kindergartners can practice their letters and numbers in the shaving foam. Spray shaving cream into a large shallow container, such as a baking tray. Instruct the children to use their index fingers to draw the shapes of the alphabet and different numbers. The activity helps children fine-tune the muscles in their fingers and hands and it creates a tactile learning experience.


  • Create marbleized color paper art with shaving foam. Spray the foam onto a disposable baking sheet. Smooth it out with a 4-inch-wide piece of cardboard. Drip different colors of food coloring all over the foam. Mix it together into swirls with a fork. Press a piece of paper onto the foam to form the marbleized art. Lift it straight up and remove the foam with the 4-inch-wide piece of cardboard. Once the paper dries, you will have a unique piece of artwork.


  • Mix shaving cream and food coloring into small containers, such as a muffin tin or small plastic bowls. Use a spoon to mix together foamy colors. During bath time, allow your child to paint with the colors using paintbrushes or sponges. Teach your child about mixing colors to make new ones. For example, red and blue make purple, while yellow and blue make green.

Pretend Play

  • Wrap a piece of construction paper into a cone shape and then spray the shaving cream into it for ice cream. Children can set up an ice cream stand and scoop different flavors by adding food coloring. Another imaginative activity for kids is to instruct them to paint their faces with the foam using their fingers. They can also try the classic game of spreading the foam like a beard and shaving it off with a block or a pretend razor.

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