Cupid Bow & Arrow Craft

Crafts featuring Cupid with his bow and arrow take many forms. Whether you wish to craft solo or with a group to make a larger project, many options are available. Pull out a selection of craft supplies including colored construction paper, scrapbooking paper, chenille sticks, glitter, glue, sequins, buttons, stickers, felt pens, paint and crayons. Tailor the craft to the age of the crafter for best results.

  1. Chenille Sticks

    • Twist colorful chenille sticks to form Cupid's bow and arrow. Look for red, pink, white and pale lilac colored chenille sticks or sparkly versions of the same colors. To make the bow, paint a length of wooden doweling a shade of hot pink or red and let dry. Twist and affix one chenille stick in your choice of color to each end of the dowel to create the bow. If you find that it doesn't stay put, add a dab of white glue or use a hot glue gun to secure the chenille stick. Bend other chenille sticks into an arrow with a heart shape at each end.


    • Print images of Cupid, his bow and arrow, various sizes of hearts and a bull's eye. Paint two pieces of wood doweling in pink, red or white and let dry. Next, tie the doweling together, perpendicular to one another, using raffia or twine and set aside. Color and embellish the printouts and glue them onto a colored sheet of construction paper. Trim around the images leaving a thin border of colored paper. Use a standard hole punch to make a hole at the top of each image. Thread lengths of red ribbon through each image and secure with a knot. Tie the images to the wood doweling to form a mobile. Hang in your desired location with an additional length of ribbon.


    • Craft Cupid's bow and arrow from an assortment of candy and wooden skewers. One idea is to skewer a thin rectangular pack of gum to form the base of the arrow. Cover the logo with heart stickers on each side. Next, affix a pink or red heart-shaped marshmallow candy onto the sharp end of the skewer. Decorate the other end with a fringe of colored tissue paper. Paint a few skewers and spear lengths of red licorice to form a bow. Make this craft at a Valentine's party as guests arrive.

    Other Ideas

    • For a sewing craft, use colored pieces of felt to make a Cupid with a bow and arrow. Hand stitch the pieces with embroidery thread onto a heart shaped pillow. Create window decals for Valentine's day with colored construction paper and tissue paper. One idea is to cut the bow and arrow out of construction paper with small hearts cut out of each. Glue tissue paper to the underside of the cut out area to cover the opening. The tissue paper will resemble stained glass when hung in a window.

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