Thankfulness Tree Craft

Whether you are teaching Sunday school children to be thankful or you want to begin a wholesome tradition in your family, consider making a thankfulness tree. These trees are also known as gratitude trees and Thanksgiving trees. Teach children how to make these trees and hopefully they will incorporate gratitude into their lives for years to come.

  1. Thankfulness Tree from Twigs

    • Start a family tradition by making a thankfulness tree. Use twigs from outdoors and place them in floral foam into a pot. Cover the foam with moss. Purchase some label tags and have each member of the family write something they are thankful for on to the tag. The sky's the limit from being grateful for conveniences such as air conditioning to appreciating a specific family member. Hang the tags on the tree twigs and display at Thanksgiving or all year round.

    Thankful Tree

    • This thankfulness tree can be made using one tree branch that has several smaller branches. Fill a plant pot with rocks, pebbles or marbles and insert the tree branch. Use colored construction paper to make leaves for the tree. Complete the statement "I am thankful for" on each leaf and hang on to a branch with a piece of string or colored thread.

    Lilac Branches and Buttons

    • Make a thankfulness tree using cuttings from lilac trees. Hot glue buttons of various colors and sizes on to the branches. Write what you are thankful for on a piece of paper. Roll up the piece of paper and tie to a branch with a small piece of colored ribbon. At Christmas or Thanksgiving, family members can gather, unroll each paper and read what is on the paper to share their feelings of gratitude.

    Gratitude Garland

    • This variation of a thankfulness tree involves leaves strung on garland. Draw leaf shapes with stems on colored construction paper or card stock or download a leaf template from the Internet. Cut these leaves out and spray both sides of each leaf until damp. Crumple each into a ball. Flatten out the leaves and allow to dry. Write something you are grateful for on each leaf and fold the stem over a long piece of string or cord. Tape stems to secure on to the garland and hang over a doorway or along a fireplace mantel.

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