Ideal Conduit Bending Head Instructions

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Using an Ideal bender changes the direction of conduit during instalation.

The Ideal Industries brand of conduit bender is used to install corners in EMT conduit. This type of conduit is a thin walled metal pipe that is easily bent with a manual tool. Conduit is used anytime electrical wires are installed outside of wall systems or on the exterior of the home. Its job is to protect the conductors from mechanical damage and prevent the electrocution of its residents. Bending conduit with an Ideal bender is a simple process.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
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      Measure the conduit from the start of the pipe to the center of the bend you want to install. Mark the location with a marker.

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      Insert the conduit into the rounded end of the Ideal bender, aligning the corner's mark with the marking on the end of the bender for the type of bend you wish to make.

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      Place the conduit on the ground with the bender's handle facing upward.

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      Place one foot on the conduit to secure it to the ground while pulling on the bender's handle with both hands. When the desired angle is reached, stop pulling on the handle.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you bend the pipe too much, use the back pusher on the tool to straighten the conduit to the desired angle.

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