How to Design Your Own PS3 Themes

Creating PS3 themes is more of an art than a technical challenge. The Sony team has put together a compiler that makes it easy for almost anyone to create and install a theme within minutes. A PlayStation Custom Theme Kit is used to compile the final custom theme, which is recognized by your PS3 console once it is installed. Custom themes allow you to define your own backgrounds, icons and pointers to your preferences.

Things You'll Need

  • Image Editor
  • PlayStation Compiler Program (downloadable)


    • 1

      Download the "" file onto your computer (see Resources).

    • 2

      Unzip the files onto a central folder on your computer and open the folder called "Create."

    • 3

      Open the icon images using the image editor software one at a time and change their color, skin and effects. If you want, you can replace the icon images entirely with your preferences.

    • 4

      Overwrite the original image with your custom image when done editing by saving the edited image into the same folder as the original. Ensure that you save the icon images as "PNG" files and not any other file type.

    • 5

      Use the same procedure to customize the background wallpaper. Again, ensure that the final custom image exactly matches the original in size and file type format. Background images should be saved as "JPG" files and not any other file type.

    • 6

      Open the "Assemble" folder so that both the "Create" and "Assemble" folders are side by side.

    • 7

      Drag the "PS3Theme_template.xml" file from the "Create" folder and drop it onto the file named "p3tcompiler.exe" located inside the "Assemble" folder. A window pops up showing the compiler program processes running.

    • 8

      Press "Enter" to close the program when finished.

    • 9

      Delete all the files with the "GIM" extension that have been created inside the "Create" folder.

    • 10

      Locate the "PS3Theme_template.p3t" that has been created and copy it to a portable USB device inside the folder "\PS3\THEME."

    • 11

      Connect the USB device to your PS3 console and navigate to "Settings," "Theme Settings," "Theme."

    • 12

      Select the "Install" option to run the theme install.

    • 13

      Select the theme from the "Theme List" when done to run and view your new custom theme on your PS3 console.

Tips & Warnings

  • When customizing the icon and background images, ensure that you do not change the Pixel Dimensions. At the end of each customization, the final customized image and format should exactly match the original; otherwise it will not render.
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