How to Train for Autocad Drafting Plans

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers are keen to hire applicants who have drafting skills and solid training in computer aided design. Your ability to lean AutoCAD drafting has much to do with your starting skill level and background in math and mechanical drawing. If you have a strong math background, are good with computers and have taken some basic drafting classes in plan and orthogonal drawing, you'll have a leg up. Don't despair if you plan to start from scratch -- there is plenty of help to get you up to speed. Get training at a college, university or through a short-term certificate program.


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      Take a basic drafting course at a local community college or adult education center. Learn general drafting terminology and the types of drawings commonly used by draftsman. Learn how to take accurate measurements and how to use an engineering and architectural ruler.

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      Practice your skills. Do all of your assignments and drawings. Know the various plan layouts so you can depict your structures from any angle or direction. Use perspective to create recognizable plan and orthogonal drawings. Practice making accurate drawings to demonstrate your increasing level of skill.

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      Take math classes, such as algebra, trigonometry and geometry that can help you understand angles, measurements and the general math skills you'll need to make structural plans.

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      Get an AutoCAD program and use the tutorials to teach yourself how to draw out plans. Use a systematic approach to learn the details from start to finish, or jump around to reinforce your areas of interest. Focus additional attention on areas of weakness and repeat sections that you find are difficult.

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      Check out AutoCAD books at your local library or purchase them at a bookstore. Do the lessons at the ends of chapters. Notate any questions you have and look through similar or advanced AutoCAD books that will assist you with solutions.

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      Sign up for a structured drafting program that specializes in AutoCAD drafting. Check out programs, such as Penn Foster Career School, or CMD Institute. Review the course outline or syllabus, and find out how long the program is.

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      Get a technical certificate in AutoCAD drafting, or further your education with an advanced design program or by committing to a college degree.

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