How to Make a Graduate Hat on Facebook


Facebook's built-in chat converts some text strings into a range of smileys and symbols. For example, the text string :-) becomes a yellow smiley face; this set doesn't include a graduate hat smiley, unfortunately. Facebook supports Unicode and there is a Unicode symbol for a graduation hat; it is not supported by many fonts so it's unlikely to be viewable. There is a solution, however. Facebook does let you use your own text smileys and ASCII art drawings. You can use a text string, design your own ASCII graduate cap art or use an existing ASCII art cap.

Things You'll Need

  • Facebook account
  • ASCII art library such as (optional)

Text Smileys

  • Open your browser and got to Facebook. Log in.

  • Begin a chat session or start a new note, comment or status update.

  • Type a smiley face with an extra character to represent a graduate cap. Type !:-) for a graudate cap with the tassle to one side; type Q:-) for a tilted graduate cap; type L:-) for a graduate cap with the tassle over one eye; type |<:-) for a cap with no tassle.

ASCII Art Graduate Cap

  • Log into Facebook.

  • Open a separate window. Navigate to an ASCII art library such as Navigate to the page on graduate caps.

  • Cut and paste your desired cap picture into a Facebook note.

  • Preview the picture. If the cap doesn't look right, it may be that the lines of text symbols aren't lining up properly. You can often correct this by replacing any spaces on the left-hand side of the image with periods, dashes or another inconspicuous character.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can make your own ASCII art using a suitable text editor, such as JavE.
  • You can find Facebook applications that give you an extended emoticon set but they may not be visible to your friends unless they have the same app installed. Some applications offering extra smileys are rogue apps that could compromise your Facebook account or computer security.

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