How to Describe the Color Red Vividly


Whether you're a television shopping channel host who needs to describe in exact detail the deep, crimson color of the wool sweater you're selling, or you're a college student who wants to convey to a friend the scarlet shade your face turned when you inadvertently told your algebra professor you love him, it's important to be able to use words to paint a vivid picture that conveys the exact color of red you're referring to.

  • Visualize the shade of red clearly in your mind before you describe it. Close your eyes and picture it or, better yet, have the object in front of you while you choose words to convey the exact shade.

  • Choose terms that compare the hue to familiar objects. Some commonly used phrases for describing red are "candy apple red," "corvette red" and "lipstick red." When your item closely resembles a shade of red commonly associated with a particular object, select those terms to describe it.

  • Pick adjectives that elaborate on the exact shade you want to describe. Choose words like "bright," "dark," "faded," "glowing" and "muted" to further paint a visual picture of the color you are referring to.

  • Focus on the undertones of the red shade. Cooler shades of red, like maroon, often have a blue undertone. The description "poppy red" often indicates an orange undertone. Analyze the mixture of colors that make up the tone of red you want to describe.

  • Use the name of the exact shade of red. Rather than simply saying "red," choose specific terms like crimson, magenta, raspberry, strawberry, tomato, ruby, garnet or vermilion.

  • Describe the finish of the color to complete the visual picture. Choose words like "matte" or "glossy" to create a detailed picture.

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