How to Write Cute Letters


Writing cute letters is suitable for informal communication between friends, family and loved ones. You may use it for party invitations, thank you letters, birthday wishes or simple day-to-day communication. Cuteness is an aesthetic that combines well chosen materials with attractive handwriting and decorations or illustrations. The style is often feminine but is appropriate for both genders and may include as much decoration as you choose. Cute letters are good for making someone smile and brightening their day.

Things You'll Need

  • Attractive stationary
  • Pen
  • Scrap paper
  • Stickers
  • Purchase attractive stationary that suits your personal style, either printed paper and envelope sets or standard note cards.

  • Using a pen and scrap paper, practice your handwriting to create a personalized script that embodies the effect you want. Cute writing is typically rounded and may use a circle, a heart, a flower or a star to dot a lowercase "i." Alternatively, if you have messy handwriting, you can emphasize the childlike nature of your scrawl.

  • Write a salutation on the top of your letter paper or inside a note card. This can be the name of the person the letter is for or the standard "Dear" used in most communications.

  • Write the main text of your letter. Emphasize the positive. Pay attention to your spelling and maintain consistent handwriting.

  • Sign off your letter with a friendly closure such as "Love and kisses" or "XOXO" and your signature. Your signature may be embellished with doodles or decorative flourishes.

  • Decorate your letter with stickers or hand-drawn illustrations. Be sure to leave the text legible.

  • Address your envelope. Use either the name of the recipient or the mailing address, depending on if you are giving this letter in person or sending it through the post. In the latter case, include your return address in the top left corner.

  • Fold the letter or close the note card and insert into the envelope. Seal the envelope with a pretty sticker.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have artistic talent, you can decorate your own note cards or design and print stationary on a computer. Free stationary templates are available online and part of most modern word processing software. Pens with colored ink are available to enhance the appearance of your letters.
  • Do not use your cute letter writing skills for condolences or business communication. Excessive cuteness will not appear sincere.
  • Do not make postal addresses illegible with excessive embellishment as they may be undeliverable.

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