How to Draw a Sea Otter


The sea otter is known for being a small, cute animal. If you're interested in drawing a sea otter, you luckily don't have to be a highly skilled artist to do so. When it's broken down step-by-step, drawing a sea otter can be done by someone of any skill level. For the best results, consider using a pencil so you can erase mistakes. Also, consult a picture of a sea otter.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Draw a small circle and then, a few spaces to the right, draw a much bigger circle. The sizes of these circles, as well as far away they are from one another, will be based on how big you want this drawing to be. The small circle will be the sea otter's head, and the larger circle will be the body near the rear end. Connect these two circles with a slightly-curved line on the top of the circles and one on the bottom. What you've drawn so far should look like a pulley system.

  • Draw a snout that connects to the left side of the small circle. Also, draw a slight ridge above the top line you drew earlier to connect the circles. This slight ridge should be near the left side of this top line. As well, add an ear near the back of the small circle.

  • Draw a nose at the top left corner of the snout by simply shading in that corner. Also, add an eye a few small spaces away from the nose, between the nose and the ear. Add in some whiskers on the bottom of the snout and face by drawing some short vertical or diagonal lines.

  • Draw the front leg and paw. The leg should connect near the middle of the otter's body, close to the big circle. It should start fairly big and then get smaller until it becomes a flat paw a little below the otter's body.

  • Draw more of the otter's stomach by drawing a slightly wavy line that goes over the line you drew in Step 1 to connect the bottom side of the two circles.

  • Draw the front right leg and paw. The leg will be on the side not visible to us, so we should only see the part of the leg that extends below the body just a little. Place this right leg behind the left leg in the drawing.

  • Draw the left hind leg, which will be attached to the right side of the big circle, going slightly behind it for the very back part of the hind leg. The hind leg should be big and kind of rounded on the body of the sea otter and then come down a little below the body into a paw that is slightly bigger than the front paw.

  • Draw the right hind leg, simply adding the leg and paw part, and placing it slightly behind the left hind leg. Like the right front leg we won't be able to see much of this leg, because it's on the other side of the sea otter, so you don't need to draw out the big and rounded part at the top of the right hind leg.

  • Draw a tail coming out the back and going down. The tail should be fairly thick and long, a little longer than the front left leg and paw, before coming into a point at the end.

  • Sketch in the body of otter. You can erase the parts of the circle that don't correspond to the shape of the body, such as the right side of the small circle and the left side of the big circle, or you can simply sketch over those.

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