Paracord Cross Instructions


A paracord cross braiding project unites four even lengths of parachute cord into a single cross. The cross can be completed using two different styles of stitches, the box stitch or the barrel stitch. When a box stitch is used, the cross is created with arms that feature four flat sides of even width. With the barrel stitch, while each individual stitch creates a square checkerboard stitch as in a box stitch, the second stitch is rotated slightly relative to the first, the third is rotated relative to the second, and so on to create round arms for the cross.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 Paracord laces, each 4 feet long
  • Lay a cord on a flat surface, then lay a second cord atop it, perpendicular to the bottom cord so that each cord has a 1-foot long arm and a 3-foot long arm.

  • Drape both ends of the bottom cord over the top cord, creating a pair of loops over the top cord.

  • Weave each end of the top cord over the loop nearer it and under the loop farther from it, then pull the loose ends to tighten a starter stitch.

  • Create a pair of loops over the first stitch using opposing ends, then weave the ends of the other cord through the loops as in the prior stitch to create a box stitch.

  • Tie five more box stitches. This completes one short arm of the cross.

  • Create a second short arm using the two remaining cords.

  • Hold the two short arms together with the loose ends of each braid facing each other, and the braids turned so the four short ends hang in one direction and the four long ends hang in the other direction.

  • Tie a square stitch using the four short ends, then repeat the square stitch with the cords until you near the end of the cords.

  • Tie an additional square stitch but do not pull it tight.

  • Wrap each loose end around the end next to it, then pull the ends through the center of the stitch. This is a completion knot and secures the top of the cross.

  • Tie a square stitch with the long ends of cord, then braid the long ends and finish with a completion knot to make the bottom arm of the cross.

Tips & Warnings

  • To tie a barrel-braided cross, pass the loops over the prior stitch at an angle. For example, when looking at the checkerboard, if the near end is farther right than the far end, pass it over the stitch to the left of the far end, and the far end over the stitch to the right of the near end. Weave the other cord as normal, with the woven cords traveling perpendicular to the loop cords.

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