How to Replace the B7 Chord on Guitar


Guitar chords are the fundamental musical background for many songs. Some guitarists shy away from playing certain types of chords, however, because they are somewhat difficult to play. If you have a song that calls for the sometimes tricky B7 chord, you have the option of replacing this chord with another that will function in the same way as the B7.

Things You'll Need

  • Guitar
  • Capo
  • Play a barred B major chord instead of a B7 chord. There is only one note that is different, and the two can be used nearly interchangeably. Bar the second fret of the guitar by laying the side of your index finger across the strings in this fret. Then hold down the second, third and fourth strings (going from high to low on the guitar) in the fourth fret by flattening your ring finger against them.

  • Play an alternate version of the B chord to replace the B7 chord. Do this by holding down the fifth and sixth strings in the ninth fret and the fourth string in the eighth fret.

  • Play a B power chord instead of a B7. Do this by holding down the third and fourth strings in the fourth fret and the fifth string in the second fret. Strum only these three strings.

  • Attach a capo to the guitar and replace the B7 chord with another chord of your choosing. A capo is a bar that attaches to the guitar and holds the strings down in a specific fret to raise the pitches of those strings. The capo becomes the new "end" of the guitar's neck. For instance, you could place the capo in the second fret and finger an A7 chord. Do this by holding down the second and fourth strings in the second fret from the capo. When you strum the guitar, you will hear a B7 chord, since the capo is raising the pitch by two half steps. You could also place the capo on the fourth fret and finger a G7 chord to replace the B7 chord. Play a G7 by holding the first string in the first fret (from the capo), the fifth string in the second fret and the sixth string in the third fret.

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