How to Draw a Little Castle

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Most castles are composed of boxy shapes.

Castles were often before architectural developments allowed for intricate shapes and extensive exterior detail. Rulers constructed them for protection and subsequently built them in broad, blocky units. While this may not be compelling to architecture lovers, it is advantageous for illustrators. You can easily draw a castle in a series of blocks with a few cleverly placed rounded features, arches or pointed caps.

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  • Paper
  • Pencil or marker
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      Draw a long, vertical line in the center of the page. Draw three evenly spaced, horizontal lines perpendicular to the center line. The first, placed toward the top, should be relatively short. The middle and lower horizontal lines should be longer and equal in length. Draw a long, horizontal line at the bottom of the vertical line. It should be longer than any of the lines above it.

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      Draw two vertical lines, each beginning at one end of the base horizontal line. They should extend as high as the middle of the three interior lines. Draw a vertical line from the ends of each exterior vertical line toward the middle, reaching the height of the primary vertical line. None of the three high points should touch.

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      Draw one vertical line at each end of the third (lowest) interior horizontal line. They should be parallel to the outermost lines and should extend higher than the horizontal line to which they are perpendicular. Each of these lines form a column with outer vertical lines. Cap each column with a triangle.

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      Draw the foundations of other columns or turrets in between these two triangles and in between interior horizontal lines two and three.

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      Cap these towers with triangles. Whatever you draw on one side, match it on the other. At this stage, you should have two or three pairs of symmetrical towers with triangle caps.

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      Draw two columns in between the first two interior horizontal lines. Cap them with triangles above the first horizontal line. Place a small, wide, triangular flag at the top peak of each triangle cap.

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      Add long, narrow rectangular windows throughout the castle. Make sure you have one in the center of each tower.

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      Draw small evenly spaced rectangles at the bottom of each of the three interior horizontal lines. At the lowest horizontal line, in the center, draw a tall arch to indicate a doorway.

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