How to Make Elegant Filigree Designs in Photoshop

Filigree is interwoven metal strand designs that are frequently used in jewelry. The design, but not the material, usually resembles lace. If you would like to have a graphic version of elegant filigree, you might think that you will have to hire a professional graphics artist to create it for you. But if you have access to Adobe Photoshop, then you can quickly create this graphic for yourself.


    • 1

      Start Photoshop. Select "File" from the menu and choose "New." In the dialog that appears, enter the width and height in pixels for the graphic you want. Make the "Background Contents" "Transparent" and click "OK."

    • 2

      Change the "Foreground" color to the color you want for the filigree. Make the "Brush" width what you want for the width of the strands.

    • 3

      Select the "Pen" tool from the toolbar. Click to add a point for the beginning of one of your strands. Add more points to extend the line, dragging as you do to adjust the curve of the lines between the points.

    • 4

      Repeat Step 3 to create the lines for all the strands. Click on the "Paths" tab on the right. Right-click on the path and choose "Stroke Path." In the dialog, choose "Brush" and click "OK."

    • 5

      Click on the "FX" button at the bottom of the "Layers" panel and choose "Bevel and Emboss." In the dialog, choose "Outer Bevel" for the "Style" and adjust the "Size" and "Depth" settings until you like the preview. Click "OK."

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