How to Make a Pai Sho Board


Pai Sho is a board game played by two people with small tiles depicting different flowers. Tiles of the same flower positioned side by side on the board are deemed "in harmony." The goal is to create more harmonies than your opponent can. The game was invented for the movie "Avatar: The Last Air Bender."

Things You'll Need

  • Wood panel (any type)
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Black marker
  • Red marker
  • White marker
  • Yellow marker
  • Draw a circle 18 inches in diameter onto the wood panel. Cut out the circle and sand its edges.

  • Draw 17 evenly divided vertical lines in pencil on the board.

  • Draw 17 evenly divided horizontal lines in pencil on the board. You will have a grid pattern with 256 spaces. Some of them will not be complete squares because of the round board.

  • Draw a large diamond in the center of the board, with its corners two spaces from the edge on the center horizontal and vertical lines.

  • Divide the diamond along the center lines into four equal triangles. Shade in the horizontal and vertical center lines within the diamond. (The shadings help establish the triangles.) Color one set of opposite triangles -- top left and bottom right, for example -- in red. Color the other set in white.

  • Draw four right triangles extending outward from the points of the diamond. They will not have flat bases because of the curve of the board. Color each of these small triangles red. Color the remaining parts of the board yellow.


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