How to Make Tarzan & Jane Halloween Costumes


Not only is making a set of Tarzan and Jane Halloween costumes simple, it is quite fun. A few yards of an animal print fabric and you and your partner are well on the way to being the talk of any Halloween party you attend.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 yards animal print fabric (10 for more conservative costumes)
  • Black or animal print undergarments (bathing suit or spandex)
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • 10 leather shoestrings (5 pairs)

Step 1: Prepare the Fabric

Unfold the animal print fabric and set it out on a clean work surface. Turn wrong side up and measure 10 inches from one of the shorter edges. Use a pencil to mark this measurement on your fabric. Cut this piece off and set aside for accessorizing. Now measure 10 inches from one of the long sides. Use a pencil to mark this measurement on your fabric at varying distances for the entire 4 yards. Cut this line all the way across. Cut a second piece 5 inches from the long end in the same manner. The two smaller pieces will form the basis of the Tarzan costume. The larger piece will form the basis of the Jane costume.

Step 2: Creating Tarzan's Costume

Tarzan should put on dark underwear or a bathing suit. Use the two smaller pieces you cut to create a loin cloth for Tarzan. Start with the long 10 inch wide piece. Hold one end in the center of your chest. Let the other end fall down between your legs. Use your other hand to pull it up and behind you. Once it's waist high pull it around one side of your waist, over the fabric in the front and back around your back side. Drop the front side. Continue winding the back piece until it's short enough to tuck into the waist. The front piece will cover your front side. Use the smaller piece you cut out to tuck in the waistband at the back for the sake of your modesty -- or go without.

Step 3: Creating Jane's Costume

The larger piece of cloth will help you build the foundation of Jane's costume. Cut this piece in half the short way. One piece is for the top and one piece is for the bottom of the costume. Have Jane stand in bra and underwear (black or animal print). Hold the middle of the first piece up at the bottom of her spine. Hold the two ends, bring to the front and tie. Move the knot to the left or right so that it is off-center. With the second piece do the same thing for the top, tying the knot between the breasts to create a bandeau. Leftover fabric can be tied around the back or tucked into the top.

Step 4: Accessorizing

Both Tarzan and Jane should go barefoot or wear sandals. Use the small sections of animal print cloth to wrap around wrists and ankles. Hold the fabric in place and have someone else wrap a leather shoe string around each wrist or ankle a number of times and tie off. Additional shoestrings can be tied around the neck.


  • For more conservative costuming options, simply use more fabric. Instead of a loin cloth for Tarzan, use the Jane method above and wrap a large piece of fabric around Tarzan's waist, tying at the side. Instead of the above Jane method, fold a 6-foot piece in half the short way, so that you end up with a 3-foot section doubled. Wear a sports bra and spandex underneath. Cut a neck hole in the center fold at the top. Slip head through the hole. Wrap a 10-inch wide belt of fabric repeatedly around the costume. Cut jagged edges in the hem line.

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