How to Use Glare Polish


Glare automotive polish is a high-performance specialty polish that is formulated to provide a smooth, glass-like surface over a wide range of materials, ranging from automotive paint to windshields to even sunglasses. Glare is purported to last for five years on the surface of your vehicle, eliminating the need for waxing or polishing in that time frame. This does not, however, mean that the vehicle will not require cleaning as well as the application of Glare maintenance products.

Things You'll Need

  • Orbital buffer
  • Glare-brand buffer pads
  • Thoroughly wash the vehicle on which the Glare polish is to be placed using the specially formulated Glare soap and water. It is important to make certain that all the surface debris is removed from the car. If not, the Glare polish will seal the debris under the surface of its coating and you will have to remove the polish in order to remove the debris.

  • Place the vehicle in a cool, dry area where you can work uninterrupted and without the sun shining onto the surface of the vehicle.

  • Apply the polish to one panel of the vehicle at a time, and then use the orbital buffer to spread the polish onto the paint. After a few minutes of buffing, the Glare polish will disappear into the paint surface. Apply another small dab of Glare polish onto the paint, and then buff it gently on the buffer's lowest speed setting until the polish has again disappeared. The polish requires 24 hours to cure after application.


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