How to Play "Scattergories Junior"


"Scattergories Junior" is a children's version of the original game, "Scattergories." Both are played by two to four players. The object is to write down as many words in a given category as possible that begin with a specified letter within an allotted amount of timer. The main difference is "Scattergories Junior" players can score points even if the words the children write do not start with the correct letter.

Set Up

  • Attach each clip to the inside of a folder. These four clips hold the category lists as well as the paper players need to record their answers.

  • Distribute one folder, some sheets of answer paper from the answer pads, and a pencil to each player.

  • Organize the category cards into four sets, each containing lists No. 1 through No. 12.

  • Place the first category card and a sheet of answer paper under the clip in each folder.

  • Place the cardboard instruction sheet upside down on the table or floor as a die rolling board. Alternately, place the lid of the game box upside-down on the floor or table. Use this box lid to contain the roll of the 20-sided die.

Game play

  • Select a player to roll the die first. Have that player roll the die to determine the key letter for the first round. If a star is rolled, the roll is "wild" and the roller gets to choose the key letter for that round.

  • Turn the timer upside-down.

  • Fill out your answer card so the category number on the category card corresponds to the answer number on the answer page. Write down as many answers as you can think of for each category that begin with the key letter. If you cannot think of any words that start with the key letter, write down any words that fit the category. Stop writing when the timer runs out.

  • Score one category at a time. The players must read out loud their answers for each category. Circle the answers on your card that no other player has. Each circled answer that starts with the key letter is worth two points. Each circled answer that does not start with the key letter is worth one. Total your points for the round at the top of the answer sheet.

  • Play the second round using the same category list with a new key letter. Add the total for the two rounds. The player with the highest point total wins the game.


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