How to Troubleshoot a Samsung Intensity


Many people opt to use a cell phone as a replacement for their landline services. They use popular phones such as the Samsung Intensity because they only have to keep track of one phone number, and they can get calls whether they are at home or not. However, if your cell phone malfunctions, you must quickly troubleshoot the phone because you cannot receive any calls until the phone starts working again.

No Signal

  • Inspect the display screen for signal bars. On the Samsung Intensity, the signal bars are on the upper left of the display screen. If you see an "X" or zero bars, you have no signal.

  • Go to an area of known signal where your phone displays full signal bars. Place a test call. Do not get upset if the first call fails. This can happen because the call forces the phone to reestablish with the network. Place a second call if the first call fails. It should go through. If the second call fails or the signal bars do not come back, proceed to the next step.

  • Remove the back cover from the Samsung, and then remove the battery from the phone. Wait for approximately 30 seconds, and then place the battery and cover back on the phone. Wait for the phone to boot up and regain signal. If calls still fail or you get no signal, move to the next step.

  • Place the SIM card for the Samsung Intensity into a different phone sold by your provider. You can use a friend's phone or go to a retail store for your carrier. If the second phone does not obtain signal, contact your provider to file a service issue. If the second phone does get signal, place the SIM back into the Intensity and move to the next step.

  • Complete a master reset on the Samsung Intensity. To do so, press the center button on the navigational keypad, scroll to and select "Settings & Tools." Scroll to and select "Settings," and then scroll to and select "Security." Enter in the last four numbers of your mobile phone number, and then press the button in the center of the navigation keypad. Select "Okay" to complete the phone reset. The phone will turn off and then turn back on. If the phone does not get a signal, contact your provider to file an exchange for the phone if it is under warranty.

Battery Charging Fail

  • Remove the cover from the phone, and pull the battery out. Inspect the battery contacts for any corrosion. Wipe off any corrosion you find on the battery contacts with a dry rag. Place the battery back into the phone, and plug the charger into the phone and into a known working outlet. If the charger indicator does not come on within 30 seconds, move to the next step.

  • Connect the Samsung to a different charger designed for use with your phone. If you do not have access to a different charger, go to a retail center for your carrier. They can help you. If the phone works with a different charger, the charger you have is defective. If it still does not work, continue to the next step.

  • Place a different battery into the phone that is designed for use with the Samsung. Again, if you do not have access to a second battery, consult a retail center for your carrier. If the phone works with a different battery, consult your carrier's customer service department to inquire about an exchange. If the phone does not work with a different battery, the phone is defective. Consult your carrier for a replacement.

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