How to Tie Celtic Knots With Hemp


T-shirts, wall hangings, jewelry and tattoos often include a Celtic knot pattern as part of the design. According to, these knot types are an Irish symbol and certain groups believe the knots contain spiritual connotations. Jewelry designers working with hemp twine or string create a variety of designs by incorporating macramé-knotting techniques to develop the Celtic knot such as Celtic square, circle, ring and button knots. Hemp is an eco conscious, biodegradable alternative to synthetic cording. Hemp generally turns a darker shade when wet and is also used for other activities like beading and scrapbooking.

Things You'll Need

  • Hemp twine or cord
  • Fabric scissors
  • Masking tape (optional)
  • 2 hatpins
  • Cut a 36-inch piece of hemp twine or cord with fabric scissors to make the Celtic square knot.

  • Form a loop midway of the cord by placing the left end over the right. The left end is on your right and the right end is on your left. Another option is to wrap one end with masking tape to differentiate the ends while weaving the knot.

  • Take the right end, which was previously the left end and loop it counterclockwise underneath the loop.

  • Take the right end and make a wide loop towards the left. Pass the right end over the first loop and under the second loop and back over the first loop. The loose knot appears like a basket weave formation. Do not pull the ends to tighten the knot. You can insert a hat pin to hold the loose knot in place while weaving.

  • Pass the right end through the bottom section of the second loop in an under and over weave. The knot begins to emerge. An open loop forms directly across from the woven second loop.

  • Pass the remaining left end in an over and under weave through the open loop across the woven loop. Insert another hatpin to hold in place as you evenly adjust the hemp cord in the Celtic square knot.

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