How to Draw a Yellow Jacket


Although yellow jackets have a similar appearance to bees, they are actually part of the wasp family. These insects are feared by humans because of their tendency to sting humans. Like bees, yellow jackets serve one queen, however, they are essentially scavengers, foraging on food leftover by humans. These wasps are so feared that Georgia Tech has adopted them as their mascot. Drawing a yellow jacket, whether for cartoons or science purposes, is very similar to drawing other insects is an appropriate drawing project for people of all ages.

Things You'll Need

  • Yellow colored pencils or markers
  • Draw the head of the yellow jacket by making a circle on your page.

  • Sketch his body by drawing a slightly larger circle connected to the head and then a circle slightly smaller than the middle circle connected to the middle circle.

  • Put wings on the yellow jacket by drawing two oblong half-circles connected to his back.

  • Sketch four legs on the bottom of the yellow jacket, which can be done with simple strokes of a pencil starting at the body and going downward.

  • Place an eye on the yellow jacket if you want him to face profile. You can draw two eyes on him to make him look like he's looking forward.

  • Draw antennas by sketching a V on top of the yellow jacket's head. Make a stinger by placing a V pointing toward the yellow jacket on his tail end.

  • Make thick black lines going vertically down your yellow jacket to represent his stripes. You can shade them in to make them a bit darker.

  • Color your yellow jacket yellow with your yellow colored pencils, markers or crayons.


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