How to Make Your Name on a Friendship Bracelet


Friendship bracelets have been a trendy project for kids for generations. It is inexpensive, and there is no limit to the ways a simple friendship bracelet can be customized. Crafters make them by tying colored thread or string in rows of knots to create a pattern. Adept crafters can make shapes, patterns and words in their designs. It is a fitting touch to personalize each creation with the name of the friend who will wear it. Though incorporating letters into a friendship bracelet may seem puzzling, following a few basic steps will demystify the process.

Things You'll Need

  • Thread or string, at least 2 different colors
  • Scissors
  • Clipboard
  • Letter patterns, if needed
  • Create a grid of the entire friendship bracelet, each square representing each knot. Fill in the squares one-by-one with the patterns, shapes and letters desired. Use the color in each square you will actually make that knot. Fill in the remaining squares (the background around the shapes and letters).

  • Cut eight strings roughly fifteen inches long. Tie them together in a knot at the top, leaving roughly an inch at the end. Place the loose section above the knot under the clip of the clipboard to secure the string for knotting.

  • Knot the threads the way someone reads a book: across the top from left to right, then down to the next row and repeat. When you begin a new row of knots, loop the first thread around the second. Hold the second string straight and loop the first string over it, around the backside and back up over itself. Pull the first string tightly to the left to tighten it. Repeat the knot with the same two strings. This is called a double-knot, and every knot (square on the grid) in the plan is one double-knot. Follow the pattern you made on the grid for your plan. It will show which color each knot needs to be to form the desired letters in the final bracelet.

  • Finish the bracelet and tie off the ends. Tie all the threads together in one large knot to finish the bracelet once the pattern is complete. Use scissors to trim all of the strings so that they are even at both ends.

Tips & Warnings

  • Beads can also be incorporated into traditional friendship bracelets. A variety of beads come with a letter stamped on them. They could also be threaded in to spell out a name. Fifteen inches may be a little more thread than is necessary for some bracelets. If you finish a bracelet and trim three inches of spare thread off the end, then you will know that in the future only twelve inches will be necessary. If you make bracelets for other people, keep a list of the length needed to complete a bracelet for someone else. A bracelet for a young child will not require nearly as much thread as a bracelet for a muscular grown man.

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