How to Build Stuff in "Minecraft"


Before you can build an empire in "Minecraft," you must master the game's basics. These basics include making tools, such as crafting tables, furnaces, torches and pickaxes, and learning to survive by building shelters, foraging for food and fighting enemies. Pair these essentials with your imagination to experience the role-playing sandbox phenomenon that is "Minecraft."

Basic Controls

  • Before you can build anything in Minecraft, you must master the game's basic controls. This includes breaking and placing blocks, as well as scaling walls and structures to intricately place blocks in high places.

    To break blocks, hold the left mouse button until the block disintegrates. Click the right mouse button to place blocks.

    Once you begin building structures and portals, the art of jumping comes into play. When building walls for a home, for example, lay the rectangular foundation for the walls, jump onto the foundation and walk around the perimeter, placing blocks as you go. When the layer is complete, jump on top of it and repeat this process until your house is the preferred height.

    While you are in the air placing blocks, control the speed of your movement and cling onto the structure by holding the left "Shift" button as you place blocks.

Getting Started – Crafting Tables and Digging Tools

  • When getting started, your bare fist is sufficient for breaking dirt, sand, wood and food blocks. To progress and begin your block empire, however, you're going to need some basic tools.

    To begin, break a single wooden tree block, press "E" to open your inventory and place the single wood block into your 2x2 crafting grid. In the output area to the right of this grid, you will see that the single block has transformed into four wooden planks. Click the planks.

    While holding the planks, right-click each square of the 2x2 grid to place one plank block in each square. This recipe makes a crafting table. Click the crafting table output and place it in the lowest row of your inventory.

    Press "Escape" to return to the game screen, use the 1 through 9 number keys or mouse scroll wheel to select the crafting table, and right-click where you want to place the table.

    Break more wood, return to the crafting table, turn it into planks and make your first pickaxe, which requires two sticks and three plank blocks. To make sticks, place two plank blocks vertically into the crafting grid, one stacked on the other.

    Place two sticks in the middle column of the second and third rows, and place planks in the three top column spots to craft a pickaxe.

    Find some stone blocks nearby your home and use the wooden pickaxe to break at least three pieces of stone. Three cobblestone blocks are enough to make a stone pickaxe using the same recipe. A stone pickaxe is stronger than a wooden one, and it can also collect iron blocks, which are even stronger than stone.

    Other basic tools that are not necessary but aid in speeding up gameplay include the shovel, the axe and the sword for protection.

Get Cooking

  • Near the surface of your newly dug mine, you will find coal. This coal is essential for making torches (recipe: one stick with one coal on top), as well as cooking food and ores (iron and gold).

    To cook food and ores, you will need a furnace. Make a furnace by placing cobblestone in the perimeter of your 3x3 crafting table, leaving only the center spot empty.

    Once you create and place your furnace, add coal or wood to the bottom slot, and place your food or ores in the top slot. You can now enjoy delicious cooked beef and pork and create iron tools.

Building Structures

  • Many "Minecraft" players live in small dirt huts for their first few nights in-game. These makeshift homes provide basic protection from nighttime creatures, but you may eventually want to upgrade your living quarters.

    Your imagination is the limit as to what you can build for your new abode, but most people choose cobblestone and wood as the building materials for a new home; these are most-abundantly found blocks.

    Along with hundreds of blocks for walls and floors, you will also need a door for protection (these can be made of wood or iron), torches for light and chests for storage.

    Decorative blocks help the aesthetics of any home – sand cooked in the furnace creates glass, wool inside a frame of sticks crafts paintings and two wool blocks placed side-by-side in a crafting table results in carpet.

    Dyes extracted from flowers, cocoa beans, ink sacs, and lapis lazuli let you alter the color of both wool and glass. Simply place the dye in the crafting table with glass or wool blocks, and the result is colored decorative blocks.

Nether Portal

  • Once you master the "overworld" in "Minecraft," you may wish to travel to The Nether for a more challenging experience. To travel to this realm, you will have to create a portal.

    To enter The Nether, collect 14 blocks of obsidian. Obsidian occurs deep underground where water pools and lava pools meet. This hard material requires a diamond pickaxe to mine, and it will take several minutes to successfully break enough blocks for a Nether portal.

    Create a tower of obsidian blocks in a 4x5 pattern, with 4 blocks across the top and bottom and 5 blocks making up the left and right sides.

    To "light" the portal, use flint and steel (one iron ingot and one flint piece crafted at a table) and right-click the inside frame of the portal. It will illuminate with a purple glow and make a warbling sound. Simply stand inside the purple glow, wait a few seconds and you will soon transport to a realm of lava, nether ores and zombie pigmen.

    Traveling back to the overworld works in the same way, so simply stand in the portal again when you are ready to return home.

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