How to Make Barbed Wire Wreaths


Wreaths are a long-time crafting favorite. Barbed wire wreaths are an interesting decoration that are appropriate for most seasons. Wreaths are easy to make and are fun crafting project. When making barbed wire wreaths, you can use old or rusty barbed wire to create an older, more unique look, or you can use new barbed wire to show a modern and flashy look.

Things You'll Need

  • Two lengths of barbed wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Heavy work gloves
  • Put on heavy work gloves.

  • Make a circle any size you choose with one of the lengths of barbed wire.

    Keep a firm grip on the wire to ensure it does not come loose.

  • Wrap the remaining length of barbed wire around the circle until only about six inches remain.

  • Bend the remaining few inches of the barbed wire around the wreath to help hold its shape.

    You should be able to release the wreath without it uncoiling.

  • Grasp one end of the second length of barbed wire in one hand and the wreath in the other.

  • Wrap the second length of wire around the wreath in a loose spiraling pattern until about six inches remain.

  • Wrap the remaining few inches of the second length of barbed wire around the wreath.

    This should secure all pieces together and complete the wreath.

Tips & Warnings

  • Decide the size you want the barbed wire wreath to be, then cut each length of barbed wire several times longer than the circumference of your wreath using wire cutters.
  • Barbed wire can cause injury. Extreme care should be used when working with this material.

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