Dryer Venting Installation


Gas and electric dryers create exhaust during the drying process. The fumes can be hazardous when enough collects inside the home. Gas dryers are very dangerous if not vented properly. Heat mixes with carbon monoxide, which is known to cause breathing problems or death when not managed properly. To prevent this issue, a dryer is fitted with a vent that draws the exhaust out of the home through a hole in the wall. Before installing your dryer vent, check the installation instructions included with your owner's manual to prevent installation mistakes.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Drill
  • 4-1/4 inch hole saw
  • Dryer vent hood
  • Duct pipe
  • Tin snips
  • Gloves
  • Metal foil duct tape
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Set your dryer into place. Measure from the vent hole in the back of the dryer to a point on the wall that is 12 inches above the ground outside. In the basement this will mean a longer path. On a concrete slab level with the ground outside, measure 12 inches up from the ground. Use no more than 25 feet of 4 inch duct. Subtract 5 feet for every 90 degree elbow you use for the unit.

  • Drill through the wall at the measured location to the outside. Locate the hole outside the home and look for any obstructions.

  • Drill a larger hole using a 4-1/4 inch hole saw over the previously drilled hole.

  • Insert the vent ducting in through the hole. Screw the hood cap into the wall on the outside of the home using the screws provided.

  • Cut a straight section of duct pipe using tin snips so it reaches from the dryer to the hole in the wall.

  • Insert the crimped end of the duct work into the crimped end of an elbow, starting at the dryer. Attach the elbow to the straight duct by wrapping the seam with duct tape.

  • Slide the elbow over the exhaust hole in the dryer.

  • Attach an elbow to the other end of the straight duct work and insert it into the wall hole.

  • Secure the ductwork to the wall using metal straps. Attach the metal strap to the wall with screws.

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