How to Replace an 1800 Goldwing Headlight


Honda's Goldwing GL1800 has been the preferred touring motorcycle for countless riders since it was introduced in 2001. Like its predecessors, this Goldwing has a full-body fairing to provide maximum rider comfort and protection from the elements. While its benefits can be felt on the road, the fairing complicates such basic tasks as replacing a headlight bulb. Honda has incorporated a pair of removable fairing trays on either side of the handlebars to provide enough room to work.

Things You'll Need

  • Ignition key
  • Screwdriver
  • 12 Volt 55 Watt H7 headlight bulbs
  • Park your Goldwing 1800 on its center stand for stability. Tun the motorcycle's ignition on to activate the headlights, and cycle between high and low beams. Make note of which bulbs are not operating, then turn the ignition off.

  • Remove the fairing tray, located on either side of the handlebars, from the affected side of the motorcycle. Open the tray's lid with the ignition key to reveal a plastic trim clip at each corner of the pocket. Push the center of the trim clips inward with the tip of a screwdriver, then pull the clips out. Pull the fairing tray out of the motorcycle's fairing.

  • Reach into the hole to access the headlight bulbs. The low-beam bulb is positioned near the center of the motorcycle, and the high-beam bulb is positioned closer to the upper edge of the headlight. Unplug the socket from the back of the failed bulb, then pull away the rubber dust boot. Unhook the bulb's retaining clip from the catch built into the headlight's body, then pull out the bulb.

  • Hold the replacement 12 Volt 55 Watt H7 headlight bulb by its base, avoiding any contact with the glass portion of the bulb. Slide the bulb into the headlight and latch the retaining clip. Press the rubber dust boot into place against the back of the headlight, facing the arrow mark on the boot upwards. Plug the socket into the back of the bulb.

  • Slide the fairing tray into the motorcycle's fairing. Prepare the trim clips by pressing the tip of the clip upwards, pushing a small portion of the tip up through the clip's head. Insert the trim clip into fairing pocket's mounting hole, then press the protruding section of the clip down until it is flush with the clip's head. Reinsert the remaining trim clips, then lock the tray's lid with the ignition key.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wipe the headlight bulb with a lint-free rag and alcohol if you accidentally touch the bulb's glass portion. This will prevent the oils present on your skin from damaging the bulb once it has been installed.

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