How to Make a Cobra Braid


Craft braiding is an art that allows the crafter to turn one or more strings, cords or plastic laces into a braided lanyard. The cobra braid is a beginners stitch that combines two pieces of lace to make a braid that is broad and flat. When creating a cobra braid, you can make a straight braid or a spiraling braid that curls into a helix shape, simply by making a minor adjustment to the knots as you tie.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 Braiding strands (plastic lace, cord or string)
  • Lanyard hook
  • Scissors
  • Cut two pieces of plastic lace or cord. Make the first piece twice as long as you want your final braid to be and the second piece three times as long as the first piece. The short piece will be the core of the braid, while the second lace will create the flat body of the braid.

  • Tie both ends of the short lace--your core lace--to the bottom of your lanyard hook.

  • Hold the center of the long lace behind the hanging core lace.

  • Grab the left loose end of the long lace and pass it over the core lace. Then, pass the loose end back over the core lace, creating an S-shape with the top loop of the lace on the left side of the core and the bottom loop on the right.

  • Pass the right loose end through the right loop, behind the core and through the left loop.

  • Pull both loose ends tight to make your first knot.

  • Repeat steps 4 through 6 until you near the end of the core lace. Leave a 1/2-inch loop at the bottom of the core.

  • Tie off both loose ends with an overhand knot, then use your scissors to snip off the excess lace.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can alternate the side used to make the S-shape between the end on the left of the core and the end on the right of the core lace for a straight braid. Or, always form the S-shape with the end of the lace that begins the knot on the left to make a spiraling braid.

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