How to Change a Gradient Color in Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator gradients consist of a gradation between multiple colors. Your ability to change a gradient color allows you to refine the look of gradient-filled shapes. Assuming that you already understand how to add a pre-set gradient fill to Adobe Illustrator objects, personalizing colors within a gradient creates an original look that may better suit your illustration. Select a gradient that captures the feeling of a setting sun and deepen its colors so that it looks like a sun sitting low in the horizon, for example. Apply thoughtful attention to the colors within gradients to add surreal or realistic coloration to your illustrations.

  • Display the "Gradient" palette. Choose "Window" and "Gradient." The "Gradient" panel should appear.

  • Select an object that contains the gradient fill. Use the "Gradient" fill box within the "Gradient" palette or choose a preset gradient swatch from the "Swatches" panel to add a fill to an object, if necessary.

  • Modify the color within a gradient stop, the box that contains one of the gradient's colors, from within the "Gradient" palette. Double-click on the color stop box in need of editing then use the "Color" panel to specify a new color. You may also replace an existing color with a new one by dragging a color box from "Swatches" palette and dropping it on top of one of the colors within a gradient stop color box.

  • Add intermediate colors to an existing gradient by dragging a color from the "Swatches" or "Color" panel onto the gradient's slider that sits within the "Gradient" panel.

  • Delete undesired colors from within a gradient. Move the mouse over the gradient slider. Click on the color square in need of deletion and drag it off of the gradient slider.

  • Establish the transparency of a gradient fill to change the saturation of colors within a gradient. Select the color stop square then use the "Opacity" box to define the color's opacity; enter a value between 10 and 99 percent, for example.

  • Save the new gradient in the "Swatches" panel by dragging the modified gradient from the "Tools" panel or the "Gradient" panel into the "Swatches" panel.

Tips & Warnings

  • Change a gradient's midpoint color stops by dragging the diamond shapes within the gradient slider towards the right or left.

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