Skip-Bo Instructions


Played by two to six players, SKIP-BO requires participants to be the first to eliminate the cards in their "stock" piles by laying down their cards in numerical order -- 1 through 12 -- into various discard piles. You must also draw additional cards to use in creating sequences, and if you happen to get a SKIP-BO card you can use it as a wild card. Because of its basic card-counting nature, the game is appropriate for players of all ages.

  • Shuffle the deck and then let each player draw a card. The player who draws the highest card deals. Pass the deal to the left for each subsequent game.

  • Deal 30 cards face down to each player if two to four people are playing. Give 20 cards to each player if five or more are participating. Put the top card of each of these stock piles face up. Put the rest of the deck face down in the center of the area of play. This will be the draw pile.

  • Allow the first player to draw five cards and then begin placing cards. Up to four building piles are constructed on the play area. The cards should be placed face up beginning with the No. 1 card and continuing until the No. 12 (SKIP-BO cards are wild and can represent any number.) Each player also can use the top card of the stock pile to add to the building piles. Once a stock pile card is used, a player can flip over the next card in the stock pile.

  • Draw five more cards if you are able to place all of the five cards in your initial draw. The turn ends when no more cards can be placed. The player to the left now takes her turn.

  • Draw only enough cards to bring your hand total up to five on subsequent turns. Play continues as before. Once a building pile sequence to 12 is complete, remove that pile from play and start a new stack. If you run out of draw cards, shuffle the cards in the completed building piles to form a new draw pile.

  • Win the game by being the first to eliminate all of the cards in your stock pile. Score five points for each of the cards left in your opponent's stock piles and a 25-point bonus for winning the game. The first person to 500 points wins the match.


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