How to Add a Tab Into a String on VB.NET

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The Visual Basic for Microsoft .NET, or VB.NET, Framework programming language has a variety of built-in functions for the string processing. The VB.NET string functions return the results in the form of a number, such as the length of a string and a character position within the string function or a string. The CHR string function allows software developers to add escape, delete and tab control characters to a string by using their ASCII code. You need to use ASCII code 9 to add a tab into a string on VB.NET.


  1. Click the "Start" button in Windows and select "Microsoft Visual Basic" from the "All Programs" menu.

  2. Click "File" and "Open," and open the VB.NET program in which you want to add a tab into a string.

  3. Add the following code after the "public STRING" line in your VB.NET program:

    TextBox.Text = "State" + CHR(9) + "Capitol"

    This separates the "State" and "Capitol" variables with the "Tab" control character.

  4. Click "File," "Save" to save the VB.NET program.



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