How to Repair a Fellowes HRL 125 Laminator


There are a few things that can go wrong while using a Fellowes HRL 125 laminator. Some problems you may encounter include spots appearing on pouches or pouches getting stuck in the laminator. Fortunately, you may be able to solve these issues.

Clean the Rollers

  • Press the "4" temperature button if the liminator is not already at this setting.

  • Wait until the readiness light appears or the readiness signal sounds, then insert the cleaning sheet that came with the laminator. Send the cleaning sheet in two or three times.

  • Insert a blank, white piece of paper. If there are still noticeable spots on the paper, send the cleaning sheet through again. Test again. Continue until no spots appear on the paper.

Remove Stuck Pouch

  • Turn the laminator off.

  • Move the motor release button over and up until it reaches its highest position.

  • Adjust the pouch or pull it back out the laminator's entry.

  • Move the motor release button back into its normal position.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the laminator does not start after you press the power button, check behind it to make sure the cover is completely open. If it is not, open the cover.


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