How to Make a Lava Fountain in Minecraft


"Minecraft" is the little engine that could in the gaming community. Developed by Mojang Specifications in Sweden, this computer game is available for single or multiple players. In "Minecraft," you build everything including the tools and weapons you need to survive, as well as large fortresses and functional water and lava fountains. As a beginning "Minecraft" player without a lot of resources stockpiled, you need to begin by exploring and mining rather than jumping right into the construction of your lava fountain.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 wood
  • 12 wooden planks
  • Crafting table
  • 8 wooden sticks
  • Wooden pick-axe
  • 34 cobblestone or obsidian blocks
  • Stone pick-axe
  • 3 iron ore
  • 3 coal
  • 3 iron ingots
  • Bucket of lava
  • Harvest three wood. Left-click and hold your mouse button on a wood square until it breaks; no tool is needed to harvest wood. Gather wood squares from tree trunks.

  • Turn the wood into wooden planks. Press the "i" key to open you inventory window. Move the wood into one of the four crafting squares. Each wood creates four wooden planks. Left-click twice to collect 12 wooden planks, using all of the wood you previously collected.

  • Place one wooden plank in each crafting square. Left-click to pick up wooden planks; right-click to place one in each crafting square. Collect the crafting table by left-clicking the object on the right side of your crafting squares.

  • Place the crafting table from the bottom inventory row. Close your inventory by pressing the "i" key. Scroll to the crafting table by rolling your mouse wheel. Point to an empty land square, and right-click to place the crafting table on the ground.

  • Right-click to open the crafting table. Place two wooden planks in the bottom middle square and two above it, creating eight sticks. Place one stick in each of three top squares, one in the center square and one underneath, creating the wooden pick axe needed to gather cobblestone. Use three stone for the stone pick axe, which is created the same as a wooden axe, replacing the top three sticks with three cobblestone blocks.

  • Craft the furnace by placing a cobblestone block in each crafting square other than the center one. Place in the same manner as the crafting table. Gather iron ore and coal. Smelt the ore into three ingots using the furnace and coal.

  • Craft the bucket. Place an ingot in the second row of the first column of the crafting table, one in the third row of the second column and one in the second row of the third column. Place the bucket in the bottom inventory row; select using your mouse wheel. Right-click on a lava source to fill the bucket.

  • Construct a tower using seven cobblestone blocks, three blocks high with a block sticking out of each side in the center, resembling a lowercase "t." Blocks are placed the same as the crafting table and furnace.

  • Construct the square base of the fountain using the remaining 16 cobblestone blocks. Use three blocks per side with one block for each corner. You can either create a perfect square by placing the corner blocks flush with the walls or placing them one square in so that there is an indent. Creating larger bases requires more stone but does not affect the fountain's function. Different-shaped bases can also be designed as long as lava cannot flow out.

  • Select the bucket of lava, then right-click to place the lava on the very top block of the lava fountain tower. The bucket will empty, and lava will flow down over the cobblestone tower and into the base.

Tips & Warnings

  • This construction can also be used for a water fountain.
  • Do not touch the lava; it will kill your character. If you touch lava, jump into a water quickly before all of your hearts disappear.
  • Do not use wood or grass squares for the construction of your fountain; these are flammable squares and will burn from the lava, leaving you with no structure.

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