How to Remove General Motors Quick Connect Fuel Fittings


General Motors has quick connect fuel fittings on their vehicles with an inline fuel filter. The inline fuel filter is located between the fuel tank and the fuel pump. Its purpose is to filter out small particles and debris that may enter the fuel tank before introducing the fuel to the engine and causing stalling and poor pickup of the vehicle. Indications of a stopped-up fuel filter that needs replacing are when the vehicle dies at a stop light, is hard to start and bucks when applying full pressure to the gas pedal.

Things You'll Need

  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Fuel line quick disconnect tool
  • Open the fuel filler door and unscrew the fuel cap from the filler port. Pull the cap straight off and set it aside.

  • Turn the nut on the negative battery cable counterclockwise to loosen it and remove it from the battery.

  • Jack the driver's side of the vehicle if needed to gain access to the driver's side underneath the vehicle. Place the automobile on two jack stands to hold it in position while you work under the vehicle.

  • Trace the fuel line from the gas tank to the engine compartment. The quick connect fuel filter or fitting will be in the line close to the driver's seat of the vehicle. Quick connect fittings are cylindrical with two to three white tabs on the release end.

  • Place a connector into the quick disconnect tool jaws that is the same size as the diameter of the fitting below the inner lip and on top of the white tabs. The inner lip is the round metal portion that the fitting inserts into. Place the jaws over the white tabs and squeeze the two handles together. There will be a clicking noise when the tabs release.

  • Remove the quick disconnect tool. Place one hand on the fitting lip and one on the fuel line. Pull the fuel line off the fitting.

Tips & Warnings

  • Removing the fuel tank cap releases air pressure from the fuel line.
  • Removing the negative battery cable disables the electric fuel pump so that fuel does not spill from the line when the fitting is removed.

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