How to Replace the Rear Coil Spring on a Mercury Sable


A Mercury Sable station wagon -- as opposed to the sedan model -- uses coil springs on the rear wheels similar to the struts and coil springs on the front. It is possible and recommended to remove these coil springs without removing the complete strut at this end if you need to replace the springs. You need to use caution when doing this because of the pressure the springs are under. You must also replace both springs to maintain balance.

Things You'll Need

  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Wrench
  • Spring compressor


  • Raise the rear end of the Sable and support it on jack stands. Remove the rear wheel that corresponds to the coil spring.

  • Place the floor jack under the suspension's lower arm at its outer end and raise it just enough to support the arm.

  • Connect a coil spring compressor tool to the coil spring and use it to compress the spring slightly; check the specific instructions for your compressor and follow them precisely.

  • Unbolt the brake hose bracket from the strut frame with your wrench and unbolt the stabilizer bar bracket from the lower suspension arm and then remove the lower bolt to the shock absorber.

  • Tie the upper suspension arm and spindle to the frame with wire to hold it in place, then unbolt and disconnect the lower control arm from the spindle using your wrench.

  • Lower the floor jack slightly and remove the spring with the compressor from the shock absorber.

  • Release the spring from the compressor very carefully, following the compressor's instructions.


  • Connect the compressor tool to the replacement coil spring.

  • Push the replacement spring's lower insulator into the lower suspension arm and connect the upper insulator to the top of the spring.

  • Guide the spring into the shock absorber, making sure it is properly seated on the lower arm. Guide lower suspension arm into place as you guide the spring's upper end.

  • Connect the lower arm to the spindle, lining up the marks on the arm and the adjusting cam. Install the bolts without tightening them all the way.

  • Remove the compressor from the coil spring.

  • Reconnect the shock absorber's lower mounting nut, the stabilizer bar bracket to the lower arm and brake hose bracket to the frame, then remove the wire from the upper arm and spindle.

  • Raise the lower arm with the floor jack to simulate normal ride height and tighten all the nuts/bolts.

  • Reconnect the wheel and lower the car.

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