Instructions for a Skilsaw 5150


Skilsaw is a brand name owned by Bosch. The Skilsaw 5150 is a discontinued circular saw that uses a 17 ½-inch saw blade. This is a common size circular saw for Skilsaw as most of its high-end saws use this size blade. Skilsaw does not change the functionality of its circular saws very much, so using a 5150 will feel the same as using just about any other Skilsaw.

Things You'll Need

  • Square
  • Marker
  • Disconnect the power plug from the outlet.

  • Place the base of the Skilsaw next to the edge of the material you want to cut through. Slide the guide back to expose the blade.

  • Slide the depth adjuster lock upward. It is located between the top saw-blade guard and the handle. Set the depth of the saw blade so the tip of the blade rests ¼ inch below the bottom side of the material you want to cut and then lock the depth adjustment lock. This will ensure you cut all the way though your lumber.

  • Loosen the bevel adjustment wing nut located on the back of the saw and adjust it to 0-degrees. Flip the saw over and place a square on the base plate and the saw blade. Make any necessary adjustments to square the blade to the base plate and then tighten the wing nut. This will ensure a 90-degree cut on your wood.

  • Make a measurement and scribe a line across the face of your board to indicate the cutting line. Use a contrasting color to the wood so you can easily see the line while cutting it.

  • Secure the wood to a stable surface using clamps. Make sure the line you scribed does not rest on the table. You need clearance under the wood at this location for the saw blade.

  • Plug the Skilsaw in and position the blade so it rests about 1 inch away from the wood you are cutting. Line up the blade indicator line on the front of the base plate with the line you scribed on the wood.

  • Press the trigger to turn on the saw and make one smooth cut through the wood.

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