How to Install LED Lights on an ATV


Installing LED lighting on your ATV is a unique way to customize the look of your ATV. LED lights have been used in car customization for years and are now becoming standard equipment on some vehicles. As a light source, they can be brighter than halogen lights and can also last a longer time before burning out and requiring replacement. The installation of LED lights on your ATV is an easy weekend project that will require you to work a little with your electrical system.

Things You'll Need

  • LED lights
  • Insulated wiring
  • Wire strippers
  • Electrical tape
  • Locate the wiring that runs to your headlights and strip a portion of the wiring, which will provide power to the LED lights when your ATV's headlights are activated.

  • Install the LED lights in their desired location and run insulated wiring from the ends of the LED lights to the stripped headlight wiring.

  • Tightly wrap the wiring around the headlight wires and insulate the connections with electrical tape. Insulate the wire connections at the base of the LED lights with electrical tape as well to ensure a snug connection.

  • Turn on your ATV's headlights to test the LED lights and ensure that they are receiving power at the same time your headlights are activated.


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