How to Install a 5-Point Safety Harness


A five-point harness design, a five-strapped seat belt mounted to the car frame, increases safety in the an automobile accident. Street and strip racing often encourages the use of 5-point harnesses because of dangerous speeds involved during these events. Implementation of other devices, such as helmet straps, complement the five-point harness for the driver's safety. Child safety seat manufacturers have also used the 5-point harness design. Installing a 5-point harness requires an adequate background in auto mechanics.

Things You'll Need

  • 5-point safety harness assembly
  • Ratchet, 16mm
  • Ratchet, 14mm
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Locate the driver's side stock belt attached to its upper hanger. Dislodge the locking nut and bolt securing the upper seat belt hanger to the roll-bar bracket using a 16mm ratchet. Store away the locking nut and bolt for future use.

  • Loosen and remove the seat from the car. Use a 14mm ratchet to loosen and remove the locking nut and bolt secured to the forward mounting bracket.

  • Locate and pull off the side panel behind the roll-bar and below the tilt bed. Slacken and remove the two plastic screws securing the panel clips located on top of the panel with a Phillips screwdriver. Use a Phillips driver for the screw next to the roll-bar when extracting it.

  • Loosen and remove the two panel clips to the panel's rear located inside the wheel well and forward of the rear tire. Remove the panel clips before pulling the panel loose to avert damages.

  • Find the seat belt retractor bolt underneath the re-tractor inside of the car. Grip the locking nut with an adjustable wrench and use a 14mm ratchet to dislodge it in a counterclockwise fashion. Remove the locking nut, bolt and seat belt retractor.

  • Position either the left or right lap belt, depending on your preference. Slip the locking bolt through the bolt bracket's guide posts. Thread the locking nut on the outside and firmly hold then tighten with a 14mm ratchet. Angle the belt and bracket in congruence with the seat's height, then tighten the locking nut and bolt. Do not over-torque.

  • Hold the locking nut and bolt on the seat-belt latch and cable with an adjustable wrench. Loosen the locking nut and bolt with a 14mm ratchet. Save the nut and bolt for the next step.

  • Position the remaining lap belt. Slip the previously removed bolt through the lap belt bracket's hole and through the belt bracket. Be sure to position the belt's bolt bracket next to the engine cover. Torque the locking nut and bolt at an upward angle toward the seat.

  • Dislodge and remove the roll-bar bolt. Use a 14mm wrench to torque the shoulder harness down using the roll-bar belt. Position the shoulder belts properly over the top of the seat, then down into your lap with labels facing out. Re-install the seat.

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