How to Make Duct Tape Origami


Duct tape origami (or "ductigami") is the art of creating things out of duct tape. Instead of using a sheet of paper as you do in traditional origami, you use a sheet of duct tape made from duct tape strips. Using this sheet of duct tape as you would a sheet of paper, you can create any origami project that you could create by traditional means. The key to any ductigami project, however, is the construction of your duct tape sheet.

Making the Duct Tape Sheet

  • Determine the dimensions of the duct tape sheet required for your ductigami project. For the purposes of this article, the example will be the construction of a ductigami hat that starts with a duct tape sheet that is 6 inches by 8 inches.

  • Cut a strip of duct tape to the length required for your duct tape sheet. For the example, the strip would be 8 inches long. Cut a second strip that is the same length. Lay one strip sticky-side up on your work surface. Lay the second strip sticky-side down on top of the first strip so that half of the second strip overlaps half of the first strip. Fold the upward-facing sticky side over the second duct tape strip to seal the edge.

  • Flip the two strips over. Cut another strip that is the same length as the first two strips and lay it onto the exposed sticky half. Continue to cut strips and lay them onto the exposed sticky half of the previous strip until your sheet reaches the desired width. For the example, this would be 6 inches.

  • Fold the exposed sticky side over the rest of the sheet to seal the edge once it reaches the desired width to complete your duct tape sheet. Provided you have the necessary sized duct tape sheet, you can make any origami project.

Making a Ductigami Hat

  • Fold the duct tape sheet in half widthwise. Fold it again in half widthwise and crease it at the top. Unfold the second widthwise fold to reveal the crease you made.

  • Fold the top corners down so that they meet at the middle of the folded sheet. Use the crease you made in Step 1 to determine the middle of the folded sheet. Your duct tape sheet should now resemble a triangle with a thin rectangle beneath it.

  • Make a crease across the base of the triangle and fold the edges of the shape up on both sides to form the brim of the hat. Pop the hat open.

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